Markan Holding AD

Markan Holding, established in 2014, manages investment portfolio of interests in over 15 companies from various sectors of the economy.

Markan Group has more than 25 years of expertise in establishment, development, governance and sale of various companies and concentrates significant expert skills and knowledge in the design, construction, project development and property management.

Markan Holding is committed to being a responsible company. We conduct our activities in accordance with the applicable ethical, professional and legal standards.

We rely on high quality services, accuracy and professionalism.

Our main goal is to exceed our client’s expectations by working in direct partnership with them in order to deliver high-end projects within the timescale set, both safely and with respect for the environment.

We believe in our employees, we aim to create a safe and inspiring environment for them to develop their skills, enabling them in turn to contribute to the further development and growth of our organization.





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